‘Misultin’, the typical dish of Lake Como

The “Misultin”, the italian ” Missoltini”, is a culinary speciality of Lake Como and a precious food source during the past.

The fishes called “Agoni” are fished and selected, than eviscerated and salted; after that they are cutted lenghtwise and placed in a box where they are turned every 12 hours. After a couple of days, the fishes are placed outside on rackets so that they can cure in the open air.

At the end of this process, the fishes are put in the so called “Missolta” (a barrel originally made of wood) with bay tree leafs and then pressed together. The combination of the fish with a slice of toasted polenta is really recommended, as the singer Davide van de Sfroos writes in his song “La Balera”.

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